I didn’t know you had wings

Until you no longer could fly.

The image of an angel, the guardian of your life, is misrepresented. One morning I saw a flock of birds landing down on branches of a forest. Everything was so Fucking green, but the sky was so damn blue. The sun was warming the earth, and the light sat comfortable in the background. The birds sang in a chorus of joy. It was life at its spring, full of everything, worry of nothing. I saw them birds leaving in the fall, singing no more, but gathering to head on the wind towards horizons of unknown. It was life at its dusk, full of sorrow, full of cares. I cried in anger, frustration and despair, longing for the joyous summer until a bird sat on my shoulder, looked at me with peaceful eyes, then sprang its wings and fly away. It said to me she was in just another ride towards a different spring. 

I cried in hope, and shared a tear with the ground below, 

I knew no angel because I was ignorant, 

But now I know it is you, scared and worried about the journey to follow;

But here I hold a truth

Life  and death is not a journey to nowhere, but always one to somewhere.

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