Check out the picture above. What you see is smoked mackerel. People living near seas and oceans have used available resources to survive. Humans are curious and daring creatures and they always tried to improve and play, using their minds to adapt and create. They used their hands to build tools; they used the tools to ensure the survival of their own kind. Catching fish on the sea is a tough business. I don’t know what impulses have pushed the early human to go on the rough seas and find the food they needed. Gigantic waves hitting the rugged shore didn’t scare them. The most inhabitable places became home to these unbelievably smart creatures, our own species. Times have changed us. We look at the nature’s elements with concern for our safety, and we categorize ancient habits as cruel and inhuman. But we often overlook that the delicacies we serve, so easily gained by the power of the money we make, result from just these primeval activities: hunting and fishing. We might look with disgust at this image, concerned about the fish being killed, about the way the fishermen choose to use natural resources for profits, but it’s just what it is, the way humans always adapted to various places in order to survive, and succeeded so far.

You can think of the smoked mackerel you see in the picture above, that is the product of some inhabitants of the northern seas, a shot magisterially taken by some famous photographer documenting wonders in a far-away land. But it is instead the result of the handwork of simple men, somewhere in Beius, Romania. All the decor is made of simple natural materials, entirely the result of the same men’s handiwork. Light comes right from the sun, no filters at all, and it projects just where it has to. The image is captured by a simple mother, using a simple device. A pure example of how simplicity combined with passion and skill can drive astonishing results. Yes, it’s all so simple. Doesn’t it feel good to be alive!?

master chefs @Maximilian Heredea @Anca Heredea @Marius Heredea

photographer @Aurelia Heredea.

a.n. there is absolutely no editing to the picture

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