About A Time of Change and Its Hero

The death of Mikhail Gorbachev filled the headlines around the world. For those that didn’t live the end of the eighties, the name Gorbachev might say nothing, or it might say too little. However, for an already old guy that I am, I had the luck to become a teenager right at the transition betweenContinue reading “About A Time of Change and Its Hero”

Patru ani de regret și recunoștință

În urmă cu patru ani, într-o altă zi fierbinte de august, tatăl meu a plecat de lânga noi, hotărând să-și mute sufletul bun și inima iubitoare în eternitate. Nu sunt sigur care este prima mea amintire cu tatăl meu, dar ar putea fi aceasta: eu stând cu ambele picioare de copil pe picioarele lui din față;Continue reading “Patru ani de regret și recunoștință”

Of Bison and Human

It was a sunny but crispy winter morning at the border between the Great States of Wyoming and Montana. The kind of day that will last long in our memories. What other fantastic places can erase the bright stunning pictures, firmly imprinted in some circumvolutions of our brains? The many readings, stories, pictures we haveContinue reading “Of Bison and Human”

The Montanan Way

Once we booked our trip to Bozeman, Montana, back in October last year, our hearts have instantly filled with the excitement of a new adventure awaiting. Montana existed in our plans for a couple of years, but got postponed for various reasons. First, we chose Salt Lake City for the convenience of a direct flight,Continue reading “The Montanan Way”