Of Bison and Human

It was a sunny but crispy winter morning at the border between the Great States of Wyoming and Montana. The kind of day that will last long in our memories. What other fantastic places can erase the bright stunning pictures, firmly imprinted in some circumvolutions of our brains? The many readings, stories, pictures we haveContinue reading “Of Bison and Human”

The Montanan Way

Once we booked our trip to Bozeman, Montana, back in October last year, our hearts have instantly filled with the excitement of a new adventure awaiting. Montana existed in our plans for a couple of years, but got postponed for various reasons. First, we chose Salt Lake City for the convenience of a direct flight,Continue reading “The Montanan Way”

It’s The Summer of 2020

What a year! The year started with some concerns about an invisible virus detected somewhere in the faraway China. Not too much to worry, we are still protected by institutions that watch over our safety 24/7. We returned from Alta, UT from a place where we once promised that, in case the end of theContinue reading “It’s The Summer of 2020”

The snow that came last night

The winter snow came overnight, silent and peaceful, preceded by doomsday news and overserious warnings of bad weather. It blanketed the stained ground with its beautiful pure white but ceded in the morning to the human toil in clearing the roads for the blood flow of the economy to run smoothly. The sun came throughContinue reading “The snow that came last night”

The Beauty of Mine and the Jeep 

The beautiful girl of mine dreamt about a car, a naughty one that can surpass the mountains, through the snow, through muds and rough terrain like the horse of a mythical hero. Some girls dream about the prince on the white horse, but mine dreamt only about the white horse. She didn’t need the princeContinue reading “The Beauty of Mine and the Jeep “


The history of human civilization is a continuous chain of events that improved the way people chose to live together. The superiority of human mind over other mammals made a stark difference from the very beginning. Humans have assimilated beings and things, accumulating and eliminating on their own will and their own needs. As longContinue reading “OF EXCLUSION AND INCLUSION”