Today is January 7th, it would have been my father’s 88th anniversary but he crossed the frontier between the worlds four and half years ago. There’s always memories…

As we turned away from the dirt road we arrived in a young grown forest. The not so tall trees were giving now room to the sky. In some kind of shyness, we traversed the new growth and reached to a meadow. Most of it was now taken over by bushes, wild raspberries mostly, that were growing in the summer. Now the brownish empty brunches were defending themselves with their thorns. We cleared our path, pushing the thorny stems with some sticks and reached to a small spring, clear water coming out to meet the light and then after resting calmly into a small pond, made its way down the slope to join one of its bigger sisters. Dad and us sat near the stream and looked at the mountains, a view just as grand as the whole world. Right there, we were part of the world and the world itself was part of us. Not a thousand Himalayas would have surpassed in grandeur what we had in front of our eyes. The small fire we built a little later warmed our hands while cooking the meat, and then when the night fell sent joyous sparks upward. And those sparks joined the billion of stars shining on the sky. We had the whole universe in our hands and the time slowed down to an invisible spin. It was grand.

My daddy found peace while still on earth, and now that he has passed away for almost five years, I am sure he wanders on some paths, unknown to us, loving every flower, every leaf, every tree and every other living creature just as he did it were he was on our side of the world. We miss you, even though the memories of you are so alive.

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