The Beauty of Mine and the Jeep 

The beautiful girl of mine dreamt about a car, a naughty one that can surpass the mountains, through the snow, through muds and rough terrain like the horse of a mythical hero. Some girls dream about the prince on the white horse, but mine dreamt only about the white horse. She didn’t need the prince to take her to his castle and him to go riding and fighting his unnecessary battles. Her “prince” came with a crowd and he didn’t seem to matter much. He lived a life of his own, far away between singing trees and blankets of pure snow until he met her, the princess of his dreams, the one he dreamt of as a teenager, the one he always imagined exactly how she will be, amazingly beautiful. For years, though, he was only looking for meaningless meanings. 

Jeep is iconic of America. In the dark years of world war two, Europe was battling the extremism, the puritanism and the maniac-utopian dreams of tyrants that washed out entire populations’ conscience. The Americans arrived on the beaches of Europe with smiles on their faces, but determined to win a war that wasn’t theirs. Chewing gum and smoking Lucky Strike, they gave their lives for the freedom of a continent that will soon forget their saviours out of egocentric interests. The Americans lived freely and fought bravely for liberty since the times when Europe was still at the mercy of kings and emperors that were semi gods living totally disconnected from normal people. Americans learned to live free or die. Normal people could achieve the once unachievable. Contrasting with the heavily armored vehicles that the German army was proudly marching to ravage the old continent, some small and agile vehicles were entering the liberated town and villages with the star-spangled banner waving on their tails, the brave youths of U.S. Army drove their Jeeps to show Europeans the beautiful gift of freedom.

From Toledo, OH to Fort Lee, NJ 

“This vehicle was especially built for GINA HEREDEA”

The girl of mine came to America for freedom, the freedom to follow dreams. There is no prince in the stories that dared that much, that proved such bravery. She feared of nothing and nobody and fought for the best. In other times, she could have been a fearless judge or sheriff to bring justice to the wildest west because she cares so much for people that she forgets about herself. Her passion, dedication and unlimited determination are the pillars of a strong character, the secret engine of the powerful, skilful and healing hands of her. People aren’t built to take all she can offer. She is not proud, but shines like a diamond. She is humble, but precious. 

The beautiful America is unfolding her pearls and diamonds across the continent from ocean to ocean. Mighty rivers are cutting the land into pieces of beauty. Rugged shores to the east defend the northern coasts from the Atlantic, sunny beaches embrace the same ocean to the south. The shores and beaches of the west coast are the friends of the Pacific. Fields and prairies are stretching wide to meet the Rockies and their grandeur. The exotic islands of Hawaii and the unfriendly land of Alaska are the avant-guards of the great empire of freedom. 

Into this beautiful country, the love of mine lives her life on her own terms, cuts her own path with the most stubborn determination and fights the unknown, the unfair and the unpredictable. The cowboy proudly is donning his hat and boots with the most magnificent pride despite the anonymity of his occupation. The girl of mine drives proudly her bright white Jeep because she is the fearless hero that didn’t come to conquer anything but to love the land and give it her skills.

She rides, and let me in, the adventures of life and love on the highways of hope and freedom. I am the proud imaginary cowboy enjoying the ride in her Jeep. I adore her as I am diving into her smiles.

In his green uniform, proudly wearing his famous hat, Ranger Rex, sits proudly at the side window, the star spangled banner on his side. With the confidence of the guardian that prevent the wild humans to harm the civilized animals of the National Parks and to intrude to deep into the serenity of the protected lands, his coarse voice, inherited from his predecessor Harry Yount, commands the crowd to move aside “Make way, make way!”. Gina and her Jeep are freely riding ahead towards the beauty of the country.

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