the matter


Once upon a time but not long ago, the world was stirred in a dangerous and unpredictable whirl provoked by a thing so little that no eyes were able to see it, yet big enough to provoke a humongous damage. 

Medical doctors, scientists and others of their kind have identified it and started an arduous  work on attempting to contain it and find ways of prevention. After revealing its structure and manifestations they named it The Virus.

But soon, the human kind (excluding the above mentioned and some common sense thinkers), despite all evidence, decided that The Virus doesn’t exist and named it The Matter.

And in the midst of all these unprecedented events, somebody, a totally  unknown verity  finder, from a remote corner of the world, discovered, in a remote corner of his mind, The Truth. 

The discovery  hit like a thunder strike and for a few days he was incapable of understanding what’s happening to him, but one morning, like an invisible veil, covering his head, The Revelation fell down on his conscience.

In a short stretch of time, he knew and understood it all, and pushed by a force that couldn’t be stopped, he spread The Truth to the world. For that he used The Web and his revelation  reached everybody, up to the most isolated being, in just a blink of an eye.  

He used a simple but complicated speech, he built a short but long enough post, and for more ease he added images  which made it more comprehensive though ununderstandable. 

It was a like compendium of ideas and thoughts that  have already been produced and distributed by many other ignorant but knowledgeable minds but they couldn’t elaborate a final and indecisive declaration to illuminate the earthians. 

On the first moments of spreading it on the network, it put a definitive end on everything that has been concluded after hundreds and thousands of years of scientific labor. That historic moment in time  was named The Illumination.

Good, naive and faithful people from all the lands and seas understood suddenly how wrong science is, as its approach to any matters is too subjective, the ones involved in its fields being too attached to its values to be able to see the reality.

 I don’t have the skills to narrate The Revelation of The Truth but I will conclude it in the simplest sentence I can produce: The Matter is Red and, paradoxically, it only attacks the Reds and The Blues are protected by an impenetrable shield, the same shield that helps them live their lives in hatred for others and overconfidence in themselves. 

And The Matter, indeed attacked only The Reds until it devoured all of them and only The Blues were left to survive. The survivors started to miss The Reds but, instead of trying to understand what happened and learn a lesson from it, as no reparation was possible,  they did what they knew the best – they denied The Reds’ existence itself and by doing that they erased a large part of their past.

But The Matter, which exhausted its source of energy, as it consumed all The Reds, turned to feed on The Blues, the only resource that remained available. Despite the bitter-sour taste and hardiness of The Blues, The Matter had to utilize  all means for survival and  adopted the new food then thrived.

This brought a very difficult problem for The Blues, which at this point exhausted every thing that they could denied the existence for and they did the last thing they could, they denied their own existence, therefore they vanished forever from the face of earth.

Stupidity and ignorance was all that was left and The Matter couldn’t feed on them so it disappeared in its own inexistence, which  was anyway  obvious and clear to everybody. Who is everybody? Hard to say as nothing exists.

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